Features of Thala Beach Nature Reserve

Thala Beach Nature Reserve is a privately owned deluxe eco beach resort, situated 38 kilometres North of the city of Cairns and 16 kilometres South of the village of Port Douglas. Timber bungalows are scattered amongst a hundred and forty five acres of wooded headland and secluded beaches. It is one of the world’s most beautiful private beach locations.

Port Douglas Resort Features

The story of the natural history of Australia is unique and Thala nurtures this environment. Grass Trees sprout along pathways, their scaly black trunks topped with tufted grassy headdresses, stunted reminders of a land long ago. Slate paving, cut from a nearby quarry, show glimpses of Gondwana in fossils over 400 million years old.

The main building at this Port Douglas retreat is designed to embrace all the elements of the tropics. Built from local timbers, it is open and spacious, allowing the cool sea breezes to flow. The polished timber reflects the warm sun of the tropics by day and the soft flicker of lamp light by night.

Birds are a constant source of entertainment with Lorikeets, Sun Birds and Honey Eaters taking advantage of the high ceilings to swoop through the dining room and bar. Kookaburras watch quizzically from nearby trees.

Guest Lounge and Reading Room

A circular guest lounge and reading room perches high amongst the Popular Gums with a breathtaking view over the Coral Sea. Here small islands float on the horizon, suspended on the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Mountains clad in dense forest, protected by World Heritage Listing, sprawl across the skyline falling to the ocean’s edge.

View From Accommodation Port Douglas

Forest paths weave amongst wispy eucalyptus with chalk white bark, linking the bungalows with the main building. A path runs on down the headland and onto the sandy beach where delightful hours can be spent discovering secluded coves or just feeling the warm sand between your toes.


The timber deluxe bungalows at Thala Beach Nature Reserve sit on high poles and look through the tree canopy. All bungalows have views either to the ocean or the forested mountains. Time spent relaxing on the timber decked verandahs is always well rewarded by sightings of birds, butterflies or at night, possums and sugar gliders.

We have a wide range of forest types, which provide habitats for some extraordinary birds, plants and animals. All buildings are in the tree canopy, providing a magical and unobtrusive relationship with the natural world surrounding them.

Accommodation At Thala Beach Nature Reserve


Thala Beach Nature Reserve is located on the northernmost headland of a 2km stretch of untouched coastline. The views from our restaurant are panoramic, taking in the Far North Queensland coast from Double Island to Cape Tribulation, and from the sparkling waters of the Great Barrier Reef to the World Heritage Forests that cover our coastal ranges.

Thala is located 10 minutes, by regular shuttle, from Port Douglas. All tours in the Cairns, Port Douglas area pick up at the Lodge. All local specialist tours can be arranged for you after arrival.


Whether strolling under the coconut palms on our private tropical beach or relaxing with cocktails watching the sunset over the coastal ranges, you will be enchanted by your surrounds. Thala Beach Nature Reserve’s Port Douglas accommodation provides a natural and secluded environment for your relaxation, and is a tranquil haven at the end of a hard day’s exploring.


Thala’s stunning world class restaurant Ospreys is situated on top of the headland with panoramic views over the coral sea and tropical rainforest ranges. Open for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner.

On-Site Experiences

There are a range of onsite experiences for guests at Thala to enjoy – including garden walks, birdwatching and star gazing in the evenings.